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Gender Affirmation Support/Psychotherapy Groups

These groups are for adults (18+) who identify as a man or woman with transgender experience or who are non-binary. It includes individuals who are contemplating their gender identity, are in the process of social and/or medical transition or who transitioned a while ago and want additional support. The groups provide a confidential, safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate environment where individuals can discuss their experience and concerns with others and be themselves.


Each group is limited to 7 people and always welcomes new members. Please contact Dr. Fagan at 816-694-0200 or to schedule a required pre-group screening. Group meets in person.

(Trans)Women's Group: meets the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6-7pm

(Trans)Men's Group: meets the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6-7pm

Beyond the Binary: meets the 4th Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30pm

Gender Affirmation Surgery Letters

I have over 3,000 direct clinical hours working with clients with transgender experience and gender dysphoria. I write letters according to WPATH standards. The letter requires a one to two hour evaluation via telehealth and is ready within two business days. I provide you with a copy and also fax it directly to the surgeon's clinic.


The cost for the evaluation and letter is $150 and I am in-network with most major insurance except Medicare and Medicaid. I am licensed to provide these telehealth evaluations to clients living in KS, MO, TX and 37 other states that participate in PsyPact ( Please contact me at if you need a letter. 

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Gender Diversity Rights Advocate

I raised money for MO's PROMO and Equality KS in June 2023 through the organization and facilitation of the Pride & Joy Fundraiser for transgender rights. In addition to writing all KS and MO Representatives and Senators about anti-trans bills in Februrary 2023, I assisted two colleagues with hand-delivering informative flyers to all MO Reps and Senators and met with three key MO Representatives in March 2023. I also contribute yearly to the Gender Affirmation Project . I believe in putting my money, time and effort where my mouth is. 

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