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About Me

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I'm passionate about children and have extensive experience teaching, mentoring, and taking care of our youth. I focus on adults in my private practice because I believe that healthy adults make for healthy children. Adults also directly influence a child's environment and thus, well-being. I love nature and feel it's a great way to center oneself, reflect on life, and find peace. I enjoy looking at art and listening to music. They are helpful ways to express ourselves and get in touch with our emotions when words are not enough.


I like the camaraderie and community that comes with watching sports even when our team loses. I delight in exploring new places whether it's a store, neighborhood, or city. It reminds me of life's possibilities and other ways of living. Most of all, I love listening to my clients' stories and facilitating their growth and well-being. I feel honored to be part of their life journey and am passionate about what I do.

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